[remote or in person] Committee on Health and Human Relations

Chicago City Council

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
9:45 a.m. — 12:15 p.m. CDT

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121 N LaSalle St Chicago, IL 60602 (Directions)

City Hall, 2nd floor, Council Chambers

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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Note-taking by Cordell Longstreath

Live reporting by Eliot Wyeth

Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy
Good morning Chicago! Today I'll be live-tweeting the City Council Committee on Health and Human Services meeting for @CHIdocumenters #CHIdocumenters

09:47 AM May 15, 2024 CDT

Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 2/128
@CHIdocumenters As always, you can watch this city council meeting online at - just scroll down to "Meeting Notices" and click the link.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 3/128
@CHIdocumenters The meeting has not started streaming yet (though there are currently 27 people watching)
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 4/128
You can see the agenda here:
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 5/128
For a full list of members of this committee:
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 6/128
The meeting is called to order.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 7/128
Quorum is met; eight members are present.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 8/128
Public comment is open.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 9/128
Cheryl Miller is first; she is joining remotely. She is with Southside Organizing for Power. She says they are concerned that the city has cancelled plans for a sobering center.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 10/128
She acknowledges that there were no bids; she says that this was predictable but not understandable. Nonetheless, she calls for the Department of Health to add it to be added to their portfolio of projects.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 11/128
Next is Lisa Salazar - she is a community nurse. In her social work internship with Treatment not Trauma, she met "Alex". He was a returning citizen who was struggling. He was 37, but struggled with substance use.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 12/128
Last November, at 39, he passed. She mourns him greatly. Unfortunately, she met the time limit.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 13/128
Next is Zoe Lee. Her Alder, Moore (17) has not helped her issue - which is that she considers that her mother's building was illegally knocked down, robbing her of her generational wealth. She has been coming down here for a here a year. She has a federal lawsuit pending.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 14/128
Next is Michael Yambe. He echoes Zoe Lee's statement that Council cares more about Palestine/Israel than Chicago and Chicagoans. He says that his people have been robbed of things that are rightfully theirs. CHA took him off the housing waiting list despite his homelessness.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 15/128
He says they concentrate on crime, when this crime is preventable by enriching the community.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 16/128
Next is George Blakemore. He says that, regarding the Puerto Rico vote on today's agenda, Puerto Ricans are not a race. Many are Black but they chose to align themselves with the Hispanic caucus because of racism.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 17/128
The last speaker is Mr. Sims. He says that the Health Departments policy doesn't seem to apply to Black people, who are brazenly murdered by the police.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 18/128
Mr. Sims has been homeless since July of 2021. A case worker has accused him of stalking because he called her out. He also requests the recording from the day he was shot by the police.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 19/128
The first item of business is the rule 45 report; the ayes have it.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 20/128
First is a presentation from the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) regarding Chicago’s response to the opioid epidemic and resources available to Chicagoans. They will be joined by Commissioner Ige.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 21/128
Commissioner Simbo Ige was appointed last last year.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 22/128
Better weather unfortunately means more usage and more overdoses, so this is an especially important matter today.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 23/128
Dr. Ige is a public health physician and Black woman. She wants to start with Chicago's Life Expectancy gap. Broken down by populations, there are huge gaps.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 24/128
There are populations that are as high as 80 and above; there are others that are 62 years.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 25/128
The state of affairs is important, but so are the trends. On the West Side, between 2010 and 2022, one area lost 4 years. South Side, all regions declined. On the North Side, they're looking at life expectancy gains.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 26/128
For non-Black people, there have been slight improvements; for Black people there has been a decline. This is from before covid as well.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 27/128
The life expectancy gap between Black and non-Black people is twice in Chicago versus the US average.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 28/128
To compare to NYC, Black people people there are expected to live to about 80. In Chicago, 76.6.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 29/128
The number one cause of this gap is chronic disease, particularly heart disease, which can account for a five year gap. Next is gun violence; that is addressed elsewhere. Next is opioid overdose, the topic today.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 30/128
Today's focus is opioid use because it is the one aspect that is not getting better.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 31/128
Chairman calls for silence in the chambers for the second time.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 32/128
Chairman asks if she needs to clear the chambers. "We are not taking public comment right now."
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 33/128
Is the cause Youth Depression, or loneliness, or neighborhood belonging? No.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 34/128
There are high youth suicide attempts though; prescription opioid misuse...
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 35/128
Someone from the public has been escorted out.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 36/128
Unmet mental health treatment need, neighborhood safety, and the big one: unemployment, which is 117% in the Black community. (Living under the poverty level is also 71% higher.) This leads to opioid use increases.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 37/128
The first wave of opioid overdoses was prescription misuse beginning in the 1990s; next wave has heroin use, started in 2010; we're now in the third wave, started in 2013, synthetic opioids.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 38/128
Fentanyl is 50 times as strong as heroin.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 39/128
The pandemic has also lead to a peak. It is starting to level off, but we're still in a historic high. >90% of overdoses are due to fentanyl.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 40/128
65% of opioid fatalities of Black; 78% are male.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 41/128
Every community area in Chicago has had an opioid related overdose EMS response in 2021, 22, 23; but the West Side has been disproportionately hit.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 42/128
A majority of overdoses in the West Side are in public spaces.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 43/128
First category of actions: naloxone distribution (which refuses overdose, and save someone's life in the moment, not long term)
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 44/128
Next is linkage to treament and aldermanic relationships. Then its harm reduction education.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 45/128
Public Access Narcan is an important aspects; they're currently partnered with 12 alders' office. They've distributed 6000 units of narcan just through West Side libraries.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 46/128
They are also launching a "public health vending machine" program, which distribute narcan, test strips, cleanliness kits.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 47/128
Next is MAR - Medication Assisted Recovery. They can help with medications that help with addiction. They can also now prescribe these meds through telehealth. They have connected 600 people to these meds via telehealth so far.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 48/128
The highest uptake for these medications is in the West and South sides, which was the goal.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 49/128
Next is an Opioid Response Team. Right now they try to follow up with anyone transported to a medical facility for an overdose. The greatest risk for overdose is previous overdose.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 50/128
Next is the Narcotics Arrest Diversion Program. This is a matter of treating this as the medical disorder it is rather than a moral failing.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 51/128
They are also working on community level maps, and comparing those maps with staffing. This is meant to match the helpers with the problem.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 52/128
Next is Harm Reduction Education. CDPH conducts monthly harm reduction trainings on the 4th Friday of the month. These are open to the public and are conducted online.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 53/128
Next in the presentation is the current spike alert. Over the past weekends, we've gone from Orange to Red alert. This means there have been over 50 overdoses a day.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 54/128
CPDH Summer Target: in all 5 West Side neighborhoods, every household should have Narcan, every person should be aware of MAR NOW.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 55/128
Summer strategy: narcan distribution and drug checking (test strips for xylazine or fentanyl); overdose education; and connection to treatment.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 56/128
Dr Ige: "you know your community better" - so how do we better reach the people? She wishes to work together.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 57/128
Someone is again being ask to leave; we can hear shouting in the background.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 58/128
Chair Rodriguez Sanchez (33) is one the twelve offices currently working with CDPH. She urges every ward to reach out and collaborate.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 59/128
Chair Rodriguez Sanchez asks for more information about the Medical Transport program. It is a program that links the fire dept (who does the medical transport) and the Community Outreach program from UIC. They try to locate those who overdose in the community the day after.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 60/128
They then see if that person is interested in treatment. The pilot program is based in the West Side.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 61/128
Chair Rodriguez Sanchez acknowledges that that were plans for a sobering center, but that it is no longer going to receive AARPA funds. CDPH could not find a community partner.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 62/128
They explain that no one felt they could achieve it on the timeline. They still intend to have one, with different funding.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 63/128
Ald Ervin (28) asks who the individuals are who are overdosing. Overdoses tend to be someone 40-60yo, unemployed, mentally ill, under the poverty line, has had a prescription in the past and has switched to synthetics.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 64/128
Being justice-involves increases risk of overdose by 40-100 times, which is why they're pursuing the arrest diversion program.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 65/128
Neighborhood revitalization is definitely a factor, because things like education are preventative measures. The medication assisted treatments are also very important. Abstinence only education does not "provide the toolkit" kids need; hence harm reduction.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 66/128
Ald Ervin asks about the plan to bring more vending machines to East and West Garfield.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 67/128
Ald Ervin also asks about the stigma surrounding methadone treatment. What are we doing to manage the methadone programs?
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 68/128
Dr Ige acknowledges that stigma is huge barrier to treatment. "We want folks to not feel ashamed." Ald Ervin clarifies: he is referring to the issues the community has with methadone clinics.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 69/128
One issue is clinics that only offer methadone; they wish to make every clinic full service for treatment. Buprenorphine is preferred for people with mild to moderate dependence nowadays. Underlying problems need to be addressed, not just physical dependence.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 70/128
Ald Ervin is concerned that methadone clinics are going to become the next pill mills; Dr Ige clarifies that usage of drugs to treat acute physical addiction is just to stop people from dying in the moment. Long term treatment is the goal.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 71/128
One issue is that buprenorphine is more expensive; it can also be a once-monthly in-office shot.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 72/128
Peer-lead recovery teams are also very important. They also provide a career opportunity for people in recovery.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 73/128
The corridor CDPH is concentrating on in the West Side is also the target of the mayor's Public Safety Initiative. Ald Ervin speculates that the two programs could collaborate to good effect.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 74/128
Next is Ald Mitts (37). She acknowledges that this hardly a new problem, but it has become perceptibly more common. Who are the agencies CDPH is working with?
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 75/128
Dr Ige acknowledges that communities of color are targeted by predatory marketing; CDPH are also continuing to work on reducing tobacco use.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 76/128
Ald Mitts is particularly concerned about the children.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 77/128
Next was Vice Mayor Burnett but she is not present.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 78/128
Ald Hadden (49) requests a hotspot map for her ward. She also asks about housing, particularly housing for people who are recovering. How can people protect people who are targeted by dealers?
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 79/128
Ald Hadden lost a 20 year old cousin to fentanyl; she thought she was doing one recreational drug but it was another. She was gone before her friends could even do anything.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 80/128
95% of fatalities have fentanyl in them; ten years ago it was less than a third. The innovations in opioids have made preventing deaths tremendously more difficult.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 81/128
It is difficult in the data to determine what people thought they were consuming when they overdose, but toxicology reports are incredibly varied today. They do not currently have data on how many overdoses are accidental, but they wish to pursue that question.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 82/128
Next is Ald Lopez (15). He wishes to also commit his ward to working with this department. He references an AIDS prevention program that they worked on that has petered out; he wishes for this program to continue for years.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 83/128
He wants to work with their federal partners to hold China accountable for their role in opioids entering the country.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 84/128
Ald Manaa-Hoppenworth (48) is next. She also wants to collaborate. How is Chicago working with Cook County, particularly with the jail system?
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 85/128
CDPH collaborates with CCPH and Cook County Jail to ensure that returning citizens get the support they need. They are particularly vulnerable because their tolerance is lowered while incarcerated.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 86/128
Ald Manaa-Hoppenworth: "how are we holding the healthcare industry accountable?"
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 87/128
She asks about the alternate use of medical marijuana after surgery.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 88/128
The CDC has guidelines for prescribing opioid, and CDPH tries to educate about those guidelines. The recommendation currently is not prescribe opioids at all for episodic pain. There is also a prescription monitoring program to hold prescribers accountable.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 89/128
Dr Ige references predatory marketing that the pharmaceutical industry uses.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 90/128
Ald Ervin asks about CPS's role in education.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 91/128
The DEA's marketing campaign has concentrated on the fact that you never know what you're taking; CDPH's focus is getting people connected to resources. "You can almost consider it a poison control issue."
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 92/128
They are now proceeding to the next item of the agenda.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 93/128
Next is R2024-0008389 (Ald. Fuentes, 26): “Expression of support for right for self-determination for people of Puerto Rico and opposition to Puerto Rico Status Act”
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 94/128
Ald Fuentes has the ward with the highest percentage of Puerto Ricans.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 95/128
She likens the issue to owning her turtle neck, versus her hand; the US treats PR like an object that it owns, versus an appendage that is vitally a part of it.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 96/128
The Puerto Rico Status Act creates the opportunity for the people to speak for themselves. It's an education issue though: are the people properly educated on the subject?
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 97/128
"We are asking them to determine their future blindly." However, the act does not address the specifics that are vital to making this decision.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 98/128
There is no transition plan should PR decide to become a state, much less an idea of what it would look like to become a sovereign state.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 99/128
There are people in the 26th ward that came over in the 50s and 60s and still plan to return to PR. "This needs to be an informed process."
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 100/128
Ald Fuentes calls for a version of this bill that accounts for all the possibilities. She asks for support for this resolution.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 101/128
Ald Lopez clarifies: is this in response to the Puerto Rican Status act in the house? He supports the ability of Puerto Ricans to determine their own status. He regards the current bill as quite thorough however, including an education component.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 102/128
Ald Fuentes clarifies: you're reading the bill she is proposing. The bill in the House lacks the education component.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 103/128
Ald Lopez: why oppose the current bill instead of supporting the current one and also supporting the one she is proposing?
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 104/128
Ald Fuentes: an amendment is also acceptable. They can work on that.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 105/128
Next item: O2024-0008872 (Ald. Villegas, 36): “Requirement for City departments and agencies to include designation of Middle Eastern or North African on data reports using racial or ethnic classifications”
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 106/128
The MENA designation will be on the 2030 census.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 107/128
This bill is proposed to ensure that the MENA community gets appropriate resources.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 108/128
Do we have an information from the city about how long this will take? The goal is to get this passed by the whole City Council ASAP. Hopefully by the end of the year this will be an option.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 109/128
The ayes have it.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 110/128
They are taking a five-minute recess to amend the Puerto Rico bill. You can read the full text (pre-amendment) here:
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 111/128
The MENA ordinance can be found here:
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 112/128
While it's on the agenda, R2024-0008942 (Ald. Martin, 47): “Expression of support for passage of Illinois House Bills 5314 and 5432 and Illinois Senate Bill 3680 known as The Community Safety Through Stable Homes Act” was not addressed. It is dated for the previous meeting.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 113/128
To clarify, the previous scheduled meeting. That meeting was canceled.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 114/128
This item was also misnumbered on the agenda (as a second first item), but it wasn't addressed in meeting so I can't speculate what happened there.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 115/128
Video is back but audio is not.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 116/128
They are back. Motion to approve the amended resolution; ayes have it.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 117/128
Motion to adjourn; adjourned at 12:34.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 118/128
Here are the slides from earlier presentation by CDPH:
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 119/128
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 120/128
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 121/128
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 122/128
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 123/128
For more information on the MAR NOW program, see here:
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 124/128
You can reach them for help by phone at (833) 2FINDHELP (833-234-6343) 24 hours a day.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 125/128
To read more about the Public Health Vending Machine Pilot Program, as well as access a map, see here:
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 126/128
All vending items are free with a PIN; see the flyer above for details. There is no PIN needed for Narcan: just enter 1234.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 127/128
No insurance or ability to pay is necessary for the MAR NOW program either.
Eliot Harper Wyeth @elharpwhy 128/128
That concludes today's coverage for the May 15th meeting of the Committee for Health and Human Relations. The next meeting has not been scheduled. For more coverage, check out #CHIdocumenters


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