Committee on Housing and Real Estate [remote or in person]

Chicago City Council

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
12:00 p.m. — 2:00 p.m. CST

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121 N LaSalle St Chicago, IL 60602 (Directions)

City Hall, 2nd floor, Council Chambers

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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Note-taking by Stephen Yoshida

Live reporting by Anna Mason

One Chicago 5-year housing plan, Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program

Anna Mason @annadotmason
Public commenter, Mr. Blakemoore, bringing up vacant lots being disproportionately on the South and West sides.

02:27 PM Mar 8, 2023 CST

Anna Mason @annadotmason 2/19
Then Kevin Jackson from the Chicago rehab network bringing up the most recent committee report. There needs to be more single family housing, but that the current administration of this committee is overall doing well.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 3/19
Dept of Planning and Development architect proposing market rate for a development at 51st and South Prairie Avenue in Washington Park, @AldPatDowell3rd supports this. 49 residential units and then commercial units on the ground floor. Total project cost just over $12 million.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 4/19
Sale of 6708 South Green St for $1,000 in the 6th ward to a private owner. This is through the Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program (ANLAP). This is in the Englewood area. This will be to extend the adjacent yard.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 5/19
Next is the sale of 5730 South Wood Street to the adjacent land owner for $3,012 as an ANLAP sale. This will be used for an extended yard.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 6/19
ANLAP sale to an individual of 7146 South Artesian Ave for an extended yard. This will cost $2,000. This has the approval of the 18th ward alderman.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 7/19
Sale of 713 North Homan Avenue ANLAP sale to an individual in the Humboldt Park area for an extended yard. Price $9,010.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 8/19
5230-32 South Indiana Ave in the 3rd ward ANLAP sale for $5462. This is in Washington Park area and will be used for an extended yard.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 9/19
Sale of property w/ agreement to Urban Equities for the dev. of a community center w/ commercial space at 5021 S. Wabash. Vacant for nearly 10 years, this dev. will have a shared kitchen space. Project est. $8 mill, creates construction jobs. @AldPatDowell3rd supports.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 10/19
This Wabash development is going to be a test kitchen for growing chef business owners and is meant to connect to the food ecosystem developing in the area. Many alderman are excited about this project.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 11/19
Claim deeds transfer of city owned property at 1733 N. Francisco to the adjacent owners in West Town. The adjacent owners have been using the space as a side yard not knowing it was city owned, and this will allow the city to give up this property that it has no interest in.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 12/19
Adopt-a-landmark grant funding agreement with Ebeneezer Baptist church in Bronzeville for critical preservation work. Grant over $250,000. This was built as a synagogue and has been a church since 1921. It's gospel choir was the home of Mahalia Jackson. @AldPatDowell3rd supports
Anna Mason @annadotmason 13/19
Preacher from the church came to speak about how much this means to the congregation, which is the self-proclaimed birthplace of gospel. Yay Chicago historic landmarks!
Anna Mason @annadotmason 14/19
Housing and Real Estate report -- @AldMattMartin talks about how enjoyable it's been working with this team on the report. Talking about how much they will subsidize homeowners, and that there is a need for an increase of this support.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 15/19
Report representative talking about alternative forms of homeowners (co-ops) through access to credit for co-op developers. @AldMattMartin asks about preservation of existing rentals, while adding more two and three flats.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 16/19
@AldPatDowell3rd asks about alternative forms of affordable housing including tiny homes and co-ops. She says in her ward, its more about creation than preservation (in that she's not aware of any). He talks about RFPs they plan to propose for this issue.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 17/19
@aldpatdowell3rd asks about the pricing of Modular housing in the 27th Ward. Representative says that construction is about $380,000
Anna Mason @annadotmason 18/19
@AldermanLaSpata asks about how is the federal level responding to that increase in construction costs. Representative says that interest rates changing and increased lenient with tax credit accreditation are both federal responses.
Anna Mason @annadotmason 19/19
Meeting is adjourned before 2pm. hTis concludes the Chicago committee on Housing and Real Estate meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for next month. For more meeting coverage, check out

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