CPD Superintendent Search Public Forum #5 [in person]

Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability
Criminal Justice

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
6:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m. CDT

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6325 W 56th St, Chicago, Illinois 60638 Chicago, IL 60638 (Directions)

Kennedy High School

This is an in-person assignment and will include an additional hour of pay.

This is the fifth public forum or town hall meeting where the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability will collect public input on the search for a police superintendent to replace David O. Brown.

For more information, visit this webpage about the search process and the CCPSA’s main webpage.

A video recording of the meeting may be made available after the fact at https://www.youtube.com/@chicagoccpsa/videos.

Check the source website for additional information


Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Note-taking by Diamond Hardiman

Chicago Police superintendent search, Garfield Ridge, Southwest Side, Officer mental health

Live reporting by Citlali Perez

Police superintendent search, Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance

Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite
Hello! tonight I’ll be covering the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability’s (CCPSA) CPD Superintendent Search Forum #5 for

05:52 PM May 10, 2023 CDT

Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 2/30
This forum is being held in person at Kennedy John F. high school. This is the fifth forum held by the CCPSA to receive public input in the process to select a new Superintendent. chicago.gov/city/en/depts/…
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 3/30
Presenters include: commissioner @RemelTerry and President @driver4chicago
Alderman present: @AldermanTabares, and @RLopez15thWard, alderman Quinn and alderman Curtis
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 4/30
There are about 73 people in attendance aside from public officials.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 5/30
Renés Terry gets the meeting started at 6:15. Terry introduces the other 7 alderman and recognizes district councils. There is one district council member present.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 6/30
Commissioner Terry explains that the purpose of the forum for public input on the qualifications expected for the next Superintendent
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 7/30
58 applications have been received for Superintendent . This is double the applications received compared to when David Brown was selected. The commissioner breaks down the demographics of the applicants.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 8/30
The Commissioner explains the guidelines for public input. People can either go up to the mic or raise their hand.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 9/30
At 6:25 Commissioner opens it up to the alderman present to give their testimony.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 10/30
Before that President Anthony Driver arrives and introduces himself
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 11/30
Alderman Madigan Quinn gives his testimony first. He expresses his support for police officers and hope for collaboration.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 12/30
Alderman Tabares addresses mental health among officers. She raises the lack of time off offered to officers and how this effects both officers and civilians. This is an issue she’d like to see addressed by the next superintendent.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 13/30
Statement given by Alderman Lopez: https://t.co/kvDPut3ALd
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 14/30
At 6:40 President Driver begins public comment by calling up the first four people for public comment
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 15/30
The first speaker, 71 years old, says he would like the new superintendent be involved with prosecution. He says, “I want to see accountability”
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 16/30
Second public comment is from Jennifer, founder of Prayer in the park which Organizes vigils for officers and works with moms who’ve lost children to gun violence...
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 17/30
Based on the conversations she’s had with officers and their family she raises the challenges they face. “The next superintendent should be someone who lives in our city”
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 18/30
Public comment from Officer Carlos Yanez: he says the next superintendent should be from Chicago. He’d like to see someone who stands up for officers and isn’t “micromanaged” by the mayor. He says that polices have made it hard for officers to do their job.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 19/30
Driver gives a follow up question: if you were able to ask candidates a question
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 20/30
Yanez: “are you going to be out there with your officers?”
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 21/30
Terry asks Officer Yanez about specific policies
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 22/30
Yanez says that officers shouldn’t be questioned about their approaches. He also address the issue of officers quitting because of being overworked
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 23/30
Public comment: Tomas, addresses concerns of street takeovers and car races and would like that be addressed by the next superintendent.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 24/30
6:59 Terry calls up next four speakers
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 25/30
Public comment from Michael, Vice President from the neighborhood watch, would like to see more engagement from officers with the community
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 26/30
The next public comment from JJ emphasized that he’d like the next superintendent to be from Chicago and raised his concern of officer mental health.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 27/30
Public comment: Member of Impact for equity, addresses research on traffic stops. Traffic stops are concentrated in District 10 and 11 and often for expired licenses. A few audience members (3-4) “boo” after her public comment. injusticewatch.org/news/police-an…
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 28/30
Public comment from Chris Barajas retired police officer asked if any of the 7 commissioners are current or former officers. President Driver answers no.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 29/30
Public comment from Tracie Ellis: names police officers who have been killed during traffic stops.
Citlali Perez @citlaliwrite 30/30
President Driver wraps up at 7:43. The President and commissioner thank everyone and encourage them to continue being involved.

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Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability


(312) 742-8888

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In July 2021, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance creating a new model for police oversight, accountability, and public safety. The ordinance creates two types of bodies: a citywide Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, with power to advance systemic reform, and District Councils, which will be elected in each police district and work to improve policing and public safety in the district. The Commission and District Councils will bring police officers and Chicago residents together to plan, prioritize, and build mutual trust; strengthen the police accountability system; give Chicagoans a meaningful new role in oversight; and explore and advance alternative effective approaches to public safety.

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