[in person] 18th Police District Council Regular Meeting - Near North

Chicago Police District Councils
Criminal Justice

2001 N Orchard St, Chicago, Illinois 60614 Chicago, IL 60614 (Directions)

Lincoln Park High School, Room 103

This is an in person assignment and will include an additional hour of pay. RSVP on Eventbrite in order to get any last-minute event updates from the council.

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Note-taking by Benjamin Nober

Live reporting by Ebony Ellis

Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26
Hello! I will be covering tonight’s meeting for the 18th Police District Council hosted by the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability.

Tonight’s meeting is taking place at Lincoln Park High School at 2001 N. Orchard St.

06:04 PM May 22, 2023 CDT

Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 2/22
This meeting brings police officers and Chicago residents together to plan, prioritize & build mutual trust; strengthen the police accountability system; give Chicagoans a meaningful new role in oversight; and explore and advance alternative effective approaches to public safety.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 3/22
A notion has been made to continue. The 18th Police District includes parts of Old Town, Lincoln Park, Near North Side, River North and Streeterville.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 4/22
This particular meeting includes candidates for three open seats for the Near 18th Police District Council.

The candidates present are Karen Kane, Brad Kessler and Robert Johnson.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 5/22
There are a few public comments. One commenter, Mr. Keizer, requests to work harder in letting people know when meetings will take place.

Another commenter, is concerned about Lincoln Avenue (particularly public disturbances, blocked bike lanes, etc).
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 6/22
The commenter says, “I hope there will be more police presence.”
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 7/22
Another commenter says, “people are coming in from the outside (from different neighborhoods) and bringing their problems to our neighborhood. We have to start identifying these people. And I think this could solve a lot of problems.”
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 8/22
The next commentator is complaining about ongoing shootings and killings (specifically gang activity) that’s been going on in the area.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 9/22
The public commenting portion has concluded.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 10/22
You can follow along here with the agenda.

Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 11/22
Kessler is currently going through what tonight’s meeting is for and overall bylaws for the 18th police district council meetings.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 12/22
Kessler mentions that the roles are a “work in progress.” He welcomes the public to contact them a list further concerns.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 13/22
Over 67 migrants have been sleeping in the lobby of the police station.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 14/22
Kessler describes it as a “humanitarian disaster.” The council has been helping to organize food for the migrants. They are looking for volunteers.

Kessler also mentions that a daily deep cleaning is taking place due to Covid spread and pests within the police station.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 15/22
Among migrants, there are a lot of children. Kessler has asked that in-person donations to the police station cease due to the creation of clutter.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 16/22
Kane will begin discussing the “100 day plan.”
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 17/22
The first thing is to go on a listening tour. There are 13 partner organizations. The goal is to meet with all organizations in the 1st 100 days.

The next thing is listening to faith based organizations and other organizations.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 18/22
Another thing is modifying the court advocacy group. Identifying needs for the communication on the crimes going on in the area.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 19/22
Robert “Bob” Johnson will be discussing the commission nomination process.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 20/22
Johnson is discusses the qualifications/requirements for the commissioners and the process of the selection of those 7 commissioners.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 21/22
The application process will begin June 2nd, 2023 and will only be open for 30 days.
Ebony Ellis @Eb_Writes26 22/22
Kessler thanks everyone for coming out. Processes will be shared on communication.

The meeting has adjourned at 7:02pm.

Agency Information

Chicago Police District Councils

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Each of the 22 District Councils is made up of three people elected by residents of the police district in regular municipal elections every four years, though anyone can participate in District Council work, and the more people who participate, the more effective the District Councils can be. The first District Council elections occurred in February 2023. Just as Chicagoans vote for a mayor and a local ward Alderperson, they also vote for up to three people to serve on the District Council.

The District Councils have several key roles:

  • Building stronger connections between the police and the community at the district level, where the community is a true partner in making the neighborhood safer. They can work with the police to address problems and set priorities.
  • Collaborating in the development and implementation of community policing initiatives.
  • Holding monthly public meetings, where residents can work on local initiatives rooted in community concerns and priorities. They can also raise and work to address concerns about policing in the district, and increase accountability.
  • Working with the community to get input on police department policies and practices. Working to develop and expand restorative justice and similar programs in the police district.
  • Ensuring that the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability gets input from the community, so that the Commission’s work will be based on what people in neighborhoods across the city are concerned about.
  • Nominating members of the Community Commission. Anyone who serves on the Community Commission must first have the support of elected District Council members.

(Source: Municipal Code of Chicago, 2-80-070(a) and (e))

For a map of police districts, visit https://www.chicagocityscape.com/maps/index.php#/?places_type=chipolicedistrict.


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