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Concealed carry license, Improper search and seizure, Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability

Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter
Hi, I'll be live-tweeting this evening's Chicago Police Board meeting for @CHIdocumenters #CHIdocumenters

06:55 PM Nov 17, 2022 CST

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This evening's 7:30pm meeting will be broadcast live on CAN TV. A livestream will be available at
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The meeting notice and agenda have been posted here:…
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The board will reference police disciplinary cases during tonight's meeting. I've found it's useful to keep this page handy as cases are announced (they tend to go pretty quickly):…
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Livestream is active:…
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Police Board president Ghian Foreman appears to be talking, but I can't hear him (he's not muted).
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 7/34
@cantvchicago I am not hearing any audio from the Police Board meeting.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 8/34
Somebody brought up an audio menu on the Zoom meeting, but no audio so far.

@cantvchicago Could closed captioning be enabled?
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 9/34
@cantvchicago Still cannot hear anything, but looks like the Board is discussing agenda item #3: Proposed stipulation and policy regarding the Board’s power to adopt CPD rules and regulations
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@cantvchicago there's six possibilities of audio outputs in your Zoom menu. Could you try the others?
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 11/34
@cantvchicago @cantvchicago I have audio now. Thanks!
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Ok, now I can hear, and the Board is discussing the process when COPA and CPD disagree on police officer disciplinary actions.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 13/34
One member of the Police Board is chosen to rule when COPA/CPD disagree.
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(For the record, the meeting did begin promptly on time at 7:00pm.)
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 15/34
Police disciplinary cases are next.

Final action on 22PB3004-2. Supt moved to withdraw action due to the officer's resignation from the police department.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 16/34
That was the only disciplinary case addressed by the Board tonight it seems.
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Next is Supt Brown's report. Brown says shootings are down 19% and homicides are down 15%. Also says:
- 11k illegal guns taken off the streets in 2022, 423 guns this month alone.
- Ended 2021 with 12k illegal guns removed. On pace to have 400 more guns removed this year.
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Brown says tomorrow he'll hold a press conference with business stakeholders regarding public safety during the holiday shopping season.
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Next is Chief Administrator of COPA Andrea Kersten's report.
- Received 464 complaints (145 retained)
- Improper search/seizure most common complaint -- but not necessarily the most common sustained allegation
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 20/34
Kersten says COPA wants to understand why improper search/seizure is the most common complaint.

Kersten says also recently:
- COPA received notification of 3 officer involved shooting
- COPA attended 14 different community engagement events.
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Kersten also addresses the new Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA) and says COPA is excited about working with them.

Kersten agrees with Brown's remarks regarding the criticality of accountability and cooperation between CPD, the Board, and COPA.
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Next up is public comment.
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1. A rep from the Chicago Youth Council For Police Accountability says they are still recruiting members.
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2. The caller, a black man who works for the city, says they were pulled over for a traffic violation. They told police they were a CCL holder with their firearm in their possession and say they were still arrested despite having all the required documentation.
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Kersten says the caller in (2) can get in touch with COPA and can file a complaint regarding any misconduct that may have taken place.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 26/34
Foreman asks Chief Skahill (Brown left) what the general process should be regarding CCL holders who are pulled over. Skahill says it depends on the details of the situation. Foreman doesn't seem satisfied with Skahill's answers and requests a presentation on this topic.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 27/34
Skahill says that, regardless the situation, officers are trained to be aware of the citizen's safety and rights (and the officer's safety) when pulling someone over. Looks like CPD has agreed to the CCL/police stop presentation.
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3. The caller says the caller in (2) was pulled over for an expired sticker but was still shackled to a bench after being surrounded by 14 officers and at least 5 cars.
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The caller in (3) say that, if one is pulled over for an expired "piece of plastic" then officers don't even need to be discussing the CCL holder's gun.
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Caller in (3) says the caller in (2) did file a complaint already with COPA and they are waiting on video.
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4. Frequent Police Board caller Mr. Moore says he is also disgusted by what happened to the caller in (2) before going on his usual rant.
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Foreman tells Moore that he let him talk a bit longer because he complimented Foreman. Moore says he didn't mean to compliment him.
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The meeting adjourns at 8:21pm.
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This concludes my coverage for @CHIdocumenters. #CHIDocumenters

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