Police Board [remote]

Chicago Police Board
Criminal Justice

Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022
7:30 p.m. — 8:45 p.m. CST

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This is a remote assignment. The meeting will be live-streamed by CAN-TV at http://www.cantv.org/live. The video may not appear until at or a few minutes after the scheduled start time. If you do not see if right away, wait a few moments and try refreshing your Internet tab.

CAN-TV will also broadcast the meeting live on Chicago cable television channel 27.

The listed meeting end time is an estimate based on the duration of past meetings of this type.

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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Note-taking by James Klososky

Police board, consent decree, concealed carry

Live reporting by Mendy Kong

Police board, consent decree, concealed carry

m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat
Hello! I will be live-tweeting today’s #Chicago Police Board Meeting for @CHIdocumenters. The meeting will begin at 7:30 PM. These meetings are held once a month, and the last one was on November 17. Follow this thread for live updates! #CHIDocumenters

07:27 PM Dec 15, 2022 CST

m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 2/28
You can watch the meeting live through this link: cantv.org/watch/stream-c…
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 3/28
Today’s agenda can be viewed at this link: chicago.gov/content/dam/ci…
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 4/28
After the meeting is finished, you can find its video, transcript, and community input report on this page as well as past meetings. Link: chicago.gov/city/en/depts/…
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 5/28
They are on the Superintendent of Police report. Homicides are down 15% and shootings have declined 20%.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 6/28
There have been 852 new recruits and around 70% are people of color.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 7/28
There appears to be technical difficulties with the video streaming link but you can still tune into the meeting through calling the number 312-626-6799 and entering the Zoom meeting code 874 5823 4052 and pressing # when prompted.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 8/28
They had technical difficulties earlier and have fixed it, so they are now going back to agenda item 7. Presentation on CPD Special Order S06-05-02 Firearm Concealed Carry Act
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 9/28
All CPD directives are available on their website which can be viewed here: directives.chicagopolice.org
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 10/28
"What was brought up in our last meeting was what we can expect of our members?" The presenter explains that the directives explain to the members what their responsibilities are and how they are to carry them out
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 11/28
"It's important that we can recommendations, suggestions, and feedback from the public" If you want to comment on the policy, you can do so by emailing the research and development unit at RandD@chicagopolice.org
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 12/28
They are moving onto 9. Report by the Chief Administrator of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability. They gave a # for the amount of officer involved shootings this month (was not able to catch it) & shared that the officers helped feed the migrants that arrived recently.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 13/28
There are Zoom issues in which the speaker is being cut out. They are now discussing the consent decree and operational compliance, "tremendous upticks" towards reaching the goal of complete compliance with COPA chicago.gov/city/en/depts/…
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 14/28
This week they are continuing to deliver critical training to officers & are also doing research on how to respond to officer shootings.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 15/28
You can read more information about the City of Chicago’s Compliance with the Consent Decree here: cpdmonitoringteam.com
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 16/28
They are now moving onto 10. Report of review of minutes and recordings of past closed meetings
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 17/28
The previous meeting item just reiterating the city's policy on making sure meetings like CPD are public. They are now moving onto 11. Policy regarding the Board’s power to adopt CPD rules & regulations. They said they did not receive any public comments on the draft agenda.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 18/28
They vote to pass the previous item. They move onto 12. Superintendent’s request to solicit funds for CPD’s annual awards ceremony. They unaminously vote "aye" & pass the motion of the superintendent's request to solicit funds.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 19/28
They move onto 13. Questions and comments from the public. Cory representing the Chicago Youth Council promotes a 3v3 basketball tournament they are hosting on Jan. 29 to foster community engagement.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 20/28
The next speaker talks about the need for more accountability from the police due to how money and legal weapons are being taken from people's homes, as well as issues about assault. They are disappointed in the presentation by Tina b/c it does not tell us what we need to know.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 21/28
They want to end arbitrary arrests and stand firmly by Elijah, whose arrest and treatment was unnecessary. "We do not like the systemic racism we found in the court system" in which their weapon was taken and not returned. Ms Noel's time is up.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 22/28
Elijah Hudson is up next, who is a city worker with the metropolitan district. He is also disappointed about procedures & what they should say to the citizen at a traffic stop. Elijah said it was glossed over, & he is still in the process of trying to receive his firearm (cont.)
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 23/28
from the 18th district. The charges were dropped by the state attorney & so there is no reason for these charges. He says he's a city worker & there is no reason that his firearm has not been returned to him b/c it is legal. He has also been pulled over by cops for his firearm.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 24/28
He has completed all the necessary procedures to own the firearm legally, and he was told his firearm was destroyed by the CPD. He says it is not fair that he is profiled for being Black with a legal firearm.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 25/28
The last speaker on the list is Moore and he does not comment when asked. The meeting is adjourned at 8:16 PM.
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 26/28
The first 20 minutes of the meeting were not livetweeted due to technical difficulties with the CAN TV27 site. cantv.org/watch/stream-c…
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 27/28
This is Corey of the Chicago Youth Council's page, if you would like more information about the council's upcoming activities: communitycorey.com/home
m e n d y (she/they) @ngogejat 28/28
The next CPD board meeting will be on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023 at 7:30 PM.

View the rest of our coverage on this meeting (esp the missed beginning section) here: documenters.org/assignments/po…
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By James Klososky 12/15/2022

Agency Information

Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Police Board is an independent civilian body that oversees various matters of the Chicago Police Department, mainly deciding disciplinary cases involving police officers or members of the department, and nominating candidates for Superintendent of Police. The nine individuals who sit on the board are appointed by the mayor.

If you’re attending a Police Board meeting in person, be prepared to go through security. You may hear graphic descriptions of violent events or loud verbal protest from members of the public.

Remote meetings may be viewed at https://cantv.org/watch-now/ or on CAN-TV, Chicago cable channel 27. The video recordings are later posted on Youtube and previously on CAN TV’s YouTube within a day or two.

Learn more or share your own tips about the Chicago Police Board on the Documenters message board here.



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