[remote or in person] Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability

Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability
Criminal Justice

Thursday, May 30, 2024
6:30 p.m. — 8:00 p.m. CDT

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1145 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60640 Chicago, IL 60640 (Directions)

Truman College, Main Building, 2nd Floor, Novar Hall

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Live reporting by Parker Garlough

Parker Garlough @parker_garlough
Hi, I’ll be live-tweeting today's Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability for #CHIdocumenters @CHIdocumenters

06:18 PM May 30, 2024 CDT

Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 2/37
The meeting has been called to order.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 3/37
Public comment has begun.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 4/37
Amy Thompson, staff council at Impact for Equity urges CCPSA to address traffic stops, noting that they are often racially discriminatory.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 5/37
Jay (did not give a last name) said the commission has been too hesitant and has limited its own scope. Jay urged the commission to make a statement about police harm to drug users and sex workers.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 6/37
A person who did not introduce themself by name but appears to be wearing a police 5-point star badge criticized the Referendum for Community Power Over the Police, saying that gangs are the real threat to community safety.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 7/37
Alma Kreuser: Since the creation of CCPSA, "I haven't seen any positive effect from this. All I see is the increase in crime, and to continue attacking police." Stats reported by CPD show a decrease in homicides since CCPSA's creation.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 8/37
David Rolickoff, Humboldt Park District Councilor: pretextual traffic stops are a waste of resources. Meanwhile, police are not responding to over half of 911 calls.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 9/37
Charlie Isaacs, Assistant Director for CCPSA: "I was here for your first meeting ever, before I even knew I'd be working for you all. It's been an absolute privilege... a lot of the change you've done won't be felt for years to come, but you have changed Chicago."
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 10/37
Antoinette Ursitti, Chief of Bureau of Detectives, has begun presenting.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 11/37
"Beyond the measure of clearance rates is how we are investigating these crimes," such as ensuring access to support systems for victims
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 12/37
In response to Police Executive Research Forum report, the Bureau of Detectives changed division of resources to 5 sections instead of 3 in order to increase speed of response, Ursitti said.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 13/37
Each area now has a dedicated homicide team.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 14/37
In creating these teams, the Bureau prioritized having skilled detectives. They increased the numer of homicide detectives by 10%.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 15/37
The Bureau has trained 120 detectives, and has created 200 positions, including a Director of Prosecutorial Strategies and 5 attorneys (one per geographic division).
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 16/37
Report recommended increasing non-fatal shooting clearances by collaborating with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. They receive technical assistance that allows them to link evidence for firearms used at multiple crime scenes.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 17/37
For the first time, they held National Crime Victims Rights Week events across the city.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 18/37
ISP Forensics Lab is helping evaluate cases that could be submitted under new technology, such as genealogy testing
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 19/37
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner event in April, discussed trauma-informed sexual assault investigations
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 20/37
Committed to giving 8-hour training on hate crime investigations to all detectives
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 21/37
In the past few months, the BoD has developed a dashboard to identify individuals who have repeatedly suffered documented domestic violence, and reach out to victims for support.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 22/37
BoD is coordinating resources, when evidence is too limited to move a case forward, to continually reassess evidence in conjuction with evidence from partners
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 23/37
In response to a question about racial equity: "One of our commitments is trying to have better communication with families because when there is a lack of communication, it can increase the sense that the case is not being handled the way other cases would be."—Ursitti
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 24/37
The Police Board (distinct from CCPSA and the District Councils) is seeking new members with at least 10 years of experience in a relevant field.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 25/37
Brown: "CPD demonstrated progress towards their goals this quarter." They have begun a year-long planning process to institute training for Constitutional traffic stops in 2025.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 26/37
CCPSA President Anthony Driver, Jr.: a wellness report regarding wellness programs for officers will be shared with CCPSA quarterly.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 27/37
The CCPSA has not seen progress towards the workforce allocation goals they set for CPD
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 28/37
^according to CCPSA President Anthony Driver, Jr.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 29/37
CPD has made progress on their goal to increase civilian hiring, but has many vacancies left, said Driver.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 30/37
Commissioners are now beginning to make statements reflecting on the time they served.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 31/37
Isaac Troncoso: "Accountability for the way we treat victims, the way they are often left in the dark" is one major concern that the next commissioners should focus on.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 32/37
Brown: After leaving this commission, she will focus on anti-gun violence work with a religious coalition. She urged the community to "push the next commission really hard. It takes all of us."
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 33/37
Remel Terry thanked her fellow commissioners for their dedication and asked them to stay in contact because of their valuable experience.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 34/37
At the request of Yvette Loizon, Adam Gross received a standing ovation.
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 35/37
Oswaldo Gomez: "It fills me with great hope that there are a lot of people who are angry with us... I hope the commission is held to a high level of accountability, just as we hold these institutions to a high level of accountability."
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 36/37
Gross: "It sometimes felt like there were a million ways every week that the whole thing might just collapse, and it hasn't. That is because of the work of these seven commissioners."
Parker Garlough @parker_garlough 37/37
The meeting is adjourned. The next CCPSA meeting will be June 27.



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Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability


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In July 2021, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance creating a new model for police oversight, accountability, and public safety. The ordinance creates two types of bodies: a citywide Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability, with power to advance systemic reform, and District Councils, which will be elected in each police district and work to improve policing and public safety in the district. The Commission and District Councils will bring police officers and Chicago residents together to plan, prioritize, and build mutual trust; strengthen the police accountability system; give Chicagoans a meaningful new role in oversight; and explore and advance alternative effective approaches to public safety.

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